Introducing WOW Prints!

These prints are amazing: high-resolution, luminous, glassy.

A solid aluminum base makes them strong and perfectly flat, and a super-hard emulsion layer holds the dye within the surface. This is not like metallic paper! It doesn’t even look metallic—it looks like glass. There is no distracting surface texture—reflections are uniform at all angles. There is no need for framing, and WOW Prints are safe to clean with water or Windex.

Some sample prices for WOW Prints are:

Since WOW Prints are ready to hang with no framing required,
a WOW Print can cost less than a comparable paper print.

WOW Prints have beautiful, rich blacks, and bright (but not exaggerated) colors. In the WOW Print Gallery the colors make the image, so the WOW Prints are an excellent choice.

If you want easy care and an impressive presentation, a WOW Print is worth it. But most importantly: you will want to get right up close to the image yourself. You’ll pore over it, looking for more details. We know, because we’re still doing it ourselves.

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